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10 Ways Onboarding Software Can Help Ease New Employees Into Their New Role

The tides have changed with the constant flux of technological advancement. The tension has heightened in the global market, with each organization vying for employee retention. No one wants out of the game.

Most businesses have integrated onboarding software into their strategy to provide a clear path for new hires.

One of the greatest mistakes any organization can make is handling the employee onboarding program with levity. An unethical onboarding scheme can hinder progress and cause a great deal of impairment to an organisation.

The misconception often held by HR executives that new hires are smart enough to quickly acclimate to the company’s policies and begin to deliver efficiently without proper integration is a sheer fallacy.

In doubt? Here’s a jaw-dropper for you:

In the business world, 17% of new hires seek new job opportunities within the first six months at their workplace, and 20% of the workforce will turnover within 45 days of employment as a result of a flawed onboarding process. Now, that’s a staggering amount!

Thanks to the innovation of onboarding software, organizations can now worry less about massive employee retention. The hiring team no longer has to scramble to get new recruits up to speed and acquaint them with the company’s standards. 

So, what exactly is onboarding software?

How does it work? 

And of what benefit is it to your business and new hires? 

This article sheds light on what you need to know about employee onboarding software and how it can help ease new employees into their new roles. Read on to discover more.

What is onboarding software?

Onboarding software is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology built specifically to streamline the onboarding program and ease the transition of new hires into their new roles.

How onboarding software helps new hires

Onboarding software is the one-stop solution to the massive employee turnovers that are common in many businesses.

A systematic approach during the onboarding process leaves a lasting impact on your employees’ engagement level and is a key determinant of their success in the organization.

The first few weeks of an employee’s tenure are crucial, and trust me, you want to make sure everything runs smoothly at this point.

Here are some key ways onboarding software can help ease new employees into their roles.

Creating online awareness

The first line of action before the onboarding process is alluring your potential employees through compelling job adverts.

Most job applicants are tech-savvy and rely more on social media to find job openings. Onboarding software allows you to post jobs online and reach a larger pool of job applicants. It’s cost-efficient when compared to job boards, which come with a host of downsides.

It allows you to manage a series of job applications as well as schedule and conduct online interviews with applicants. It speaks volumes about your organization and creates a remarkable experience for your future employees.

Facilitates the onboarding process

With the right onboarding software integrated into your hiring process, you can streamline all your onboarding activities and make them more effective.

The software is designed to compress multiple tasks and speed up the entire onboarding process by transitioning from manual to automatic workflow, thereby saving a substantial amount of time and resources.

When employees are quick to get their act together, the hiring team has less to worry about in terms of bringing new hires up to speed and increasing productivity. They can, however, channel their focus on other administrative tasks.

Streamlines the onboarding process with automation

No doubt, the onboarding program is a very demanding process. There are a lot of filings to do, including data collection, background checks, and progress reports, to name a few.

Onboarding software can assist in organizing all of these activities into a single, easily accessible platform. You can create an archive about the organization that will serve as a guide for your employees to increase their level of acquaintance from the moment they start the application process.

You can as well develop a database of information to keep tabs on employee performance reviews, bonuses, and overall progress within the first few weeks of their onboarding.

With every activity streamlined, employees and businesses can easily access any needed information without having to go through a tedious process to get it.

Maintains consistency throughout the onboarding process

The onboarding program could become disorganized when you have a host of new hires. As a result, it becomes difficult to maintain a smooth and consistent workflow.

A disorganized onboarding process could lead to improper handling of employee data and have a negative impact on them if they fail to grasp the organizational standards while carrying out their duties in the long run.

The onboarding software also allows the HR team to get ahold of employee data, supervise conformity to the onboarding standards, and provide new employees with the necessary details to guarantee a smooth and productive progression into the organization.

Saves a lot of onboarding expenses

Sophisticated onboarding software can save you a lot of money as it transforms loads of manual activities into a fully automated process. It allows you to complete multiple tasks efficiently without having to expand your hiring crew.

Being an automatic process, it requires little or no communication during tasks. This eliminates any form of misunderstanding or inaccuracy that may sprout from improper feedback, thereby reducing the cost of redoing tasks.

Reduces turnover rates and maximizes retention

The positive impacts of onboarding software during the hiring process cannot be overemphasized. When it is properly implemented, it creates a positive and worthwhile experience for new hires.

Employees feel valued and develop a sense of gratification and security when companies pay close attention to their onboarding processes. As a matter of fact, one-third of employees decide on their stay at an organization during the first week of employment.

A successful onboarding exercise lowers the rate of sudden employee departures in any organization and translates to a whopping 82% increase in new employee retention.

Integrations with other software

Every organization definitely has a particular system they’ve adopted for carrying out their daily activities such as payroll management, correspondence, and paperwork, as well as other necessary tasks. HR software is built to integrate well with already-existing systems.

What this means is that you can seamlessly transition from a manual workflow to a fully automated process without losing any employee data. Not only is it faster, but it’s a more secure way to retain employee information.

Digitization of paperwork

Paperwork is tiring and burdensome.

Have you ever carried out a documentation activity? when you must sequentially read through, validate, compile, and fill out loads of documents in succession. That’s one hell of a task!

The introduction of HR software completely eliminates all paperwork during the onboarding process. Employees can simply conduct all of their activities online, and HR departments can worry less about the constant accumulation of papers on their shelves.

The hiring team may rest assured knowing that all employee data is totally secure, readily available, and subject to modifications to keep it updated.

Communication is key

Communication is crucial for a successful onboarding program in any organization. One of the things that can mar the progress of the hiring process is an inadequate exchange of feedback between new hires and hiring teams.

Onboarding software allows recruiting managers to narrow down all the discussions and questions by creating a central portal.

With this, there will be a seamless flow of information and updates about tasks and projects, and new employees can easily get adequate responses from the HR department.

Increases employee productivity and participation

Employees frequently feel marginalized and become less productive when duties aren’t clearly spelled out and there’s no constant exchange of feedback with HR departments.

They can reach their peak productivity faster and are more likely to stay with your organization if you use onboarding software.

For instance, one of the ways the software facilitates an effective onboarding process is by providing a self-service option that paves the way for new hires to complete the entire HR process even before resuming duty.

This immediately engages the new employees and fosters productivity from inception.

Leaves a lasting impression

You only have one chance to make a first impression. The greatest benefit an employee derives from sophisticated onboarding software is that it leaves them extremely satisfied and creates an unforgettable onboarding experience.

A successful onboarding process improves employee engagement, which leads to a greater retention rate. New employees tend to be more productive and remain in an organization for a longer period of time when their expectations are met.

When new hires are confident about their organization and are highly motivated to carry out their respective duties efficiently, the success that will be recorded by your organization is unquantifiable.

Stay at the top of the game

Onboarding software is a vital tool for employees and HR executives. It’s designed to acquaint new hires with the norms and expectations of a business. If utilized well, it could be a game-changer for an organization.

So, the ball’s in your court.

You can decide to stick with the traditional system of onboarding activities, using paper documentation and all other non-technical ways to welcome new hires into your organization.

Or you can choose to step up your game and transcend to a whole new level by harnessing the full potential of employee onboarding software.

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