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As part of Aligra’s continual improvement and growth plan we are excited to be seeking incredible individuals to join our team!

We’re an award-winning agency of choice for the transport, logistics, automotive and professional & executive sectors. Having recently celebrated our 15 year anniversary, we’re known for providing a fantastic blend of professionalism, passion and commitment.

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Keeping you one step ahead

In an increasingly competitive world, the success of your business depends on the quality and commitment of your people.

We want to gain a clear understanding of how your organisation operates, from your growth strategy to culture, processes and ambitions.

Our greatest success is demonstrated when we partner with you to drive efficiencies, add value and innovate.

Aligra’s experience across various markets enables us to concentrate on driving down costs and reducing your labour spend through transparent pricing, technology and management systems.


Temporary, Permanent or Contract staff, at the ready…

Our Whatever it Takes approach ensures exceptionally high fulfilment rates, our account management is second to none and is nationally acknowledged to stand out from our competitors.

Compliance is at the heart of everything we do, validated by our accreditations:

  • GLAA (Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority)
  • ISO9001
  • REC (Recruitment & Employment Confederation) Audited
  • Certified Carbon Neutral

Whether you are looking for an extra pair of hands or an entire team, on a temporary or permanent basis, our trained consultants and technology will source and match suitable personnel to your requirements.

Often the best way to gain an understanding of how we operate, is to hear from those we work with. We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with clients and suppliers, and we believe that we can all achieve more if we work closely together -if one of us wins, we all win.

Navigating the complexities of the transport, logistics, and supply chain industry demands a seasoned and reliable partner. At Aligra, our years of comprehensive experience working with high-profile clients have uniquely equipped us to address the evolving challenges of these fast-paced sectors. With an illustrious record of placing countless professionals into assignments across the UK, we’ve proven our ability to be a valuable asset in your journey of growth and success.

Our expert management team, armed with decades of industry experience, is adept at identifying and addressing the unique demands faced by businesses in this sector. Their wealth of knowledge and understanding of the sector enables us to provide services that not only meet the specific needs of our clients but also exceed their expectations in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness.

In the transport sector, our commitment goes beyond just providing recruitment services. We partner closely with you, embedding ourselves within your organization to identify areas of potential inefficiency and wastage, manage regulatory compliance, and enhance safety standards. We employ strategic planning methods to help you prepare for peak periods and deal with the seasonality inherent in the industry.

Moreover, recognizing the increasing importance of sustainability in today’s business landscape, we also guide you in promoting greener driving practices. This comprehensive approach helps us to deliver services that are aligned with the current trends and future directions of the industry, ensuring that your business remains at the forefront of the transport, logistics, and supply chain sectors.

In the highly technical and specialised fields of automotive and engineering, Aligra stands as a seasoned recruitment partner. Our unique edge stems from our first-hand shop floor experience, coupled with a management team that possesses practical industry skills. This combination enables us to fully understand the intricate nuances of these industries and provide a first-hand recruitment service that is truly unmatched in the market.

The recruitment process in these sectors often presents unique challenges. Candidates may possess theoretical knowledge and appear competent on paper, yet lack the necessary hands-on experience that these technical roles demand. We have recognised and addressed this challenge through our enhanced candidate screening process.

Our senior management team, armed with industry-specific qualifications and experience, undertakes a rigorous screening process. This process involves the use of competency-based questions, designed to evaluate not only the theoretical knowledge of the candidates but also their practical skills. This in-depth screening method significantly reduces the risk of hiring mismatched candidates and ultimately saves you time and resources in the recruitment process.

Further, our recruitment service in the automotive and engineering sectors is designed to be flexible and adaptable to meet the evolving needs of the industry. We are always ready to innovate and modify our strategies to ensure that we provide the best and most relevant services to our clients.

In the professional and executive sectors, the competition for talent is fierce and global. At Aligra, we embrace this challenge by extending our recruitment efforts beyond the geographical boundaries of the UK. Our dedicated team scouts worldwide, sourcing the best local, national, and international candidates suitable for the UK market.

Our recruitment expertise extends across a diverse range of fields, including sales, human resources, marketing, financial services, technology, and more. We also cater to general office roles, ensuring that every aspect of your professional and executive needs is adequately addressed. By working closely with our clients, we fine-tune our service delivery to match their unique requirements, whether they need a temporary receptionist or a new permanent executive appointment.

In addition to providing quality recruitment services, we are also dedicated to fostering the growth and development of our candidates. Recognizing that a fulfilled and well-guided candidate makes a great employee, we offer comprehensive support that includes job matching, interview coaching, health & well-being advice, and CV support. This holistic approach not only helps our candidates to reach their full potential but also ensures that our clients receive the best talent that aligns with their organizational goals and culture.

At Aligra, our service delivery model is designed to accommodate a wide variety of recruitment needs. Whether you need to fill a position at short notice or are planning for long-term strategic appointments, our agile structure enables us to support your goals effectively and efficiently. We believe in maintaining a clear and honest line of communication with our clients and strive for a transparent fee structure that aligns with your strategy, budget, and growth aspirations.

Our service delivery offerings for our larger clients include comprehensive solutions designed to drive efficiency and improve performance:

On-Site Teams: We offer a fully account-managed service that works on-site, embedding ourselves into your organization to increase productivity, improve overall staff performance, and reduce administrative burdens. This approach allows us to provide a seamless service, ensuring that we function as an extension of your team rather than a separate entity.

Master Vendor: Managing temporary roles can often present unique challenges that impact costs and operational efficiency. Our Master Vendor solution offers a fully managed outsourcing service, designed to handle all operational recruitment and the ongoing supervision of temporary workers. This service encompasses supply assurance during peak seasons, management of second-tier suppliers, comprehensive recruitment advertising, and consolidated invoicing for clarity and convenience. This all-encompassing approach liberates your management team to focus on critical project work, knowing that your recruitment needs are in capable hands.

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