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As part of Aligra’s continual improvement and growth plan we are excited to be seeking incredible individuals to join our team!

We’re an award-winning agency of choice for the transport, logistics, automotive and professional & executive sectors. Having recently celebrated our 15 year anniversary, we’re known for providing a fantastic blend of professionalism, passion and commitment.

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Start your exciting career in recruitment with Aligra.

We recognise the value of nurturing fresh talent. We see the young minds of today as the leaders of tomorrow. That’s why we are proud to be part of the UK National Apprenticeships Scheme, investing in the future through our comprehensive Apprenticeship Programme.

Apprenticeships are not just about work experience; they are about building a foundation for a rewarding career. We offer our apprentices the opportunity to study for nationally recognised qualifications while gaining hands-on experience in the exciting world of recruitment. Our commitment goes beyond the office – we are dedicated to helping our apprentices develop both personally and professionally.

Kickstart Your Career in Recruitment

When you join Aligra as an apprentice, you step into a world of opportunities. Our apprenticeships are carefully structured to provide a blend of practical work experience and academic learning. You will be working alongside seasoned professionals, learning from their wealth of experience while also working towards a recognised qualification.

Our apprentices receive personalised guidance and support, ensuring they maximise their potential and gain the necessary skills to succeed in the recruitment industry. You won’t just be a part of our team; you’ll be a part of our Aligra family, helping us to shape the future of recruitment.

Recruitment is a dynamic, fast-paced industry that offers exciting career opportunities. At Aligra, our apprentices are at the heart of what we do. We don’t just want you to work for us; we want you to grow with us.

As an Aligra apprentice, you’ll gain valuable insights into the recruitment process, client relations, candidate sourcing, negotiation, and much more. By the time you complete your apprenticeship, you will have a robust understanding of the industry and be well-prepared to advance your career in recruitment.

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Velton Pinheiro, Apprentice

Being part of Aligra has been a fantastic ride and a new experience for me. Since I began my apprenticeship, I’ve had the chance to understand recruitment from some really skilled people in the field. They welcomed me and helped me from the get-go, and I knew I’d made the right choice by getting into recruitment. My skills have really improved during my time at Aligra to the point where I also help train new team members, showing them how we do things.

The supportive vibe at Aligra has really helped me grow professionally. My team members have always been there to help and guide me when I’ve needed it, and they’ve pushed me to take charge of my work and look for new ways to grow and learn.

Overall, being at Aligra has completely changed me and everyone in the company has seen a big boost in my confidence since I first started. I’m looking forward to continue building my skills and knowledge as I move forward in my career.”

Caitlian Robertson, Apprentice

I joined Aligra as an Apprentice back in March 2022 and since then, I’ve had the chance to learn all about recruitment and all the admin work that goes with it. I’ve been working behind the scenes to support the team and help them do their best and bring in more work. My hard work, along with my team and the growth of Aligra’s Hospitality & Events division, got me stuck right into Resourcing jobs and helping out with event check-ins and visits from clients. This has really helped me understand the business and made me more confident working on my own.

As our branch started to grow really fast, I took on more jobs and played a big part in finding the right people for different jobs and helping my team with the hiring process for our Events and Industrial divisions. This was a challenge, but it felt good to know I was helping our clients and our team succeed.

I’ve loved being more involved, supporting my team and being there in person. It felt really good to know I helped make things go smoothly and create a good experience for our clients and candidates.

The speedy growth of our branch shows the hard work and amazing support I’ve been lucky to get. Aligra has made a place that encourages us to learn and grow, and I’m really thankful for my team and Richard for all the support they’ve given me since I started. Every day gives me new chances to improve my skills as much as possible.

Being an Apprentice at Aligra has been an unforgettable time of personal and professional growth for me. The great relationships within my team, the exciting changes in the Hospitality & Events division, and the fast growth of our branch have made it a journey to remember. I’m excited to keep helping Aligra succeed and I’m looking forward to what’s coming next.”

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