Case Studies / Testimonials

We’re proud of the relationships we have with our clients, it allows us to swiftly identify their requirements and react so that they always have the right people, in the right place.


Aligra secured a recruitment opportunity to support Comensura and Serco in the opening of new COVID regional testing sites in Leicestershire and Lincolnshire. The sites were to be staffed over two teams covering 7 days per week.

Comensura are a market leader in managing the supply of temporary, permanent and contract labour for organisations across multiple sectors. Following a contract award from Government to Serco to manage COVID test centres nationwide, Serco via Comensura partnered with Aligra. 

With a demand in local testing increasing and a significant rise in lateral flow tests the requirements rapidly developed and Aligra were asked to staff the sites with 4 days’ notice. 

Aligra now oversee a total of five COVID sites peaking at 135 temps.

Our approach 

A proactive approach to sourcing, resourcing, advertising and pre-screening candidates meant we were able to match the candidates with the rights skills into each of the roles we were to fill. 

An on-site presence for each of the projects ensured candidates feel valued and engaged.

Regular planning meetings with the Operations Manager ensured we were ahead of future projects and able to react to an increase in numbers, usually at short notice. 

Our solution 

Aligra worked around the clock to provide a face-to-face and telephone candidate screening service to filter the huge number of candidates. The Aligra team were available 24/7 to give updates to both candidates and clients to ensure everything ran smoothly. A strategic and clear communication plan was implemented giving confidence to all parties involved. 

Aligra conducted a large local search, coordinating pre-screening, video interviews, referencing and first day on-site inductions. 


100% fulfilment to date on all operating sites meaning the both Comensura and Serco have peace of mind and reassurance that the sites remain fully staffed with trained operatives. The ongoing sites have daily contact with the Aligra representatives, this ensures our open and transparent communication plan is maintained.

Comensura and Serco have complete trust and faith in our ability to deliver.


Tesco invited Aligra to supply HGV Class 1 and 2 drivers due to inadequate performance of their current suppliers at their Didcot, Oxfordshire Distribution Centre. 

Tesco were using a multitude of agency partners but experienced a shortfall on a daily basis effecting their customer service and bottom line.

At peak periods Tesco required up to 110 drivers per day, the majority HGV Class 1 drivers.

Tesco also expressed a need to have their drivers meet Tesco Fleetboard compliance.

Our approach 

We worked with Tesco senior management to understand the issues they were facing and implemented a project plan to increase supply volume on a week by week basis. 

Whilst the main focus was to build our pool of drivers, we also ensured we were understanding the added value we could bring through working closely with drivers to reach Tesco Fleetboard targets (MPG, Lead in/out times, speeding and breaks) along with reduction of infringements. 

Our solution 

We embedded an on-site team with the initial target of building a driver pool using our sourcing channels. Through a series of regular daily assessments, we ensured we supported drivers to pass the theory test and increase success. 

We implemented regular stakeholder reviews and KPIs to enable robust management of the account. 

The on-site team worked closely with drivers on what was expected when driving for Tesco, with an emphasis on the greener driver approach. This was through one to one coaching and upskilling, usually prior to their shift start time. This included setting the expectation with drivers and weekly sign off of infringements and individual Fleetboard report. 


We became the main supplier of drivers to Tesco, increasing our pool to 150+ drivers and regularly supplying between 60-110 drivers per day, dependent on the seasonal demand. 

Due to our success with the Didcot DC, we also supported their Southampton DC with a shortfall of drivers (20+). We supplied Tesco DCs for 9 years until their Head Office decided that they would only be using 5 agency suppliers who could cover on a national basis. Despite Didcot’s objection to this they had to fall in line with the corporate decision. 

We worked very closely with Tesco senior management to plan for peak periods, reach Tesco targets and became an integrated part of their operation. In the last year of supplying to Tesco we: 

  • Filled 16,476 shifts from an overall requirement of 16,586 required shifts (99.3% fulfilment). 
  • Of which 1,235 were short notice / ad-hoc bookings (1,258 total short notice requirement – 98.1% fulfilment). 
  • Had an overall assessment pass rate of 86%. 
  • Increased our drivers’ Fleetboard score to 95.15 (from 89 when first implemented), Tesco’s target was 95. Tesco own permanent driver score was 93.14. 
  • Reached a high score of 10.30 for MPG against Tesco target of 9.80. Our average score was 9.92. 

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