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Automotive ranked as UK’s second ‘most attractive’ sector to work in

Automotive has been ranked as the UK’s second most attractive sector to work in by respondents to Randstad’s Employer Brand Research survey.

The research, which surveys the sentiments of 163,000 working age people across 16 sectors and 31 markets, revealed that 59% of workers are willing to work in the automotive industry.

It also found that despite workers being attracted to certain industries, three-out-of-five (61%) feel that they don’t have the skills required to enter many of the most sought-after industries.

Joanna Irwin, Randstad chief marketing officer, said: “This year’s Randstad Employer Brand Research signals that the tides are changing in terms of which sectors are seen as the most attractive for employees. Increasingly, talent wants to work in sectors that make an impact in both the physical and digital world.

“There’s still a job to do for employers in these sought-after industries to ensure that they are removing the barriers to entry for willing talent. Offering reskilling and upskilling programs can help employers stand out from the crowd and attract workers.”

The research follows as employers across all sectors are struggling to hire and retain talent, with 70% of all workers open to new job opportunities.

It also found that over three quarters of workers (76%) consider it important to be offered the chance to reskill by their employer. Only 61% feel that their employers offer these opportunities.

The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) has warned that there will be a shortfall of almost 36,000 EV-trained technicians by 2030 if retraining isn’t addressed urgently.

In the most recent AM News Show Podcast, JCT600 apprentices revealed how they overcame stigma about the automotive sector to find a new ‘home from home’ in Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz franchised dealership roles.

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