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E-commerce wrapper for different materials

E-Wrap, Sitma‘s new e-commerce wrapper, will be on display at Ipack-IMA, from 3rd to 6th May 2022, in Hall 6P – Stand B01 C02. The machine in question will be the “paper wrapping” version, specifically designed for the world of e-commerce and logistics. It was developed by Sitma Machinery, an Italian company with over 50 years’ experience in the field, and now a leading producer of automated equipment for logistics and packaging.

Paper E-Wrap fits perfectly within Sitma’s range of automatic and semi-automatic paper packaging machines. These include the Fast Pack machine, a workhorse for high-speed packaging in the e-commerce sector, and the 8002 model, specially designed for Frozen Food. The new Paper E-Wrap machine has all the typical features of Sitma solutions in terms of compactness, ease of use, flexibility and reliability.

E-Wrap is designed to meet the need for speedy and efficient management that the logistics sector for e-commerce demands. The unit can be easily integrated into different production settings and combined with units for labelling and weighing, as well as an advanced tracking system.

E-Wrap can also be used for the automatic management of printing systems, and for inserting documents into the package. Indeed, the machine has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the e-commerce sector in terms of documents and promotional material (invoices, delivery notes, return labels, coupons, leaflets, etc.).

The machine can both be physically integrated into hubs with different layouts, and also connected up in terms of software. Indeed, E-Wrap can coordinate with the complex IT systems that control modern logistics centres, which need to manage huge amounts of data in relation to tracking products in the supply chain. E-Wrap is especially flexible in terms of packaging: it is in fact the first machine able to create either envelopes or packs to fit the three-dimensional form of the object(s) being packaged.

The unit on display in Milan has two winning features: not only can it “read” three-dimensional objects and create customised packaging, it can also make use of heat-sealable paper, a feature that makes it a truly green machine.

“Paper wrapping” is one of the most important frontiers for sustainable packaging; because if paper is produced in specific ways, it can be repeatedly recycled, reducing the environmental impact of the system. However, E-Wrap goes even further, as it can make use of heat-sealing paper that does not require an extra adhesive system: an aspect that helps simplify not only the management of the process but also the maintenance of the machine.

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