Excuses excuses excuses…

With literally hundreds of workers out every day, the Aligra team get to hear some of the weirdest and craziest excuses for not going to work.

We’re sure some are genuine, but surely not all of them!

Here’s some of the best, you decide:

  1. I had to take my poorly hamster to the vet
  2. My boyfriend urinated on the alarm clock
  3. My grandmother passed away (for a 3rd time)
  4. I’m in a really good mood and didn’t want to ruin it
  5. It’s raining; I don’t go out when it rains
  6. My nans away and I don’t have any clean underwear
  7. I’m locked in the bathroom
  8. I’ve just woken up and I don’t know where I am
  9. My goldfish sitter is late
  10. I’m waiting for my gallstone to pass