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Fronius launches range of lithium-ion battery chargers

Lithium-ion batteries are not uncommon in many everyday devices – smartphones, tablets, e-bikes, electric toothbrushes, power tools – all items you use regularly, but lithium-ion batteries are now also becoming more widely used with forklift trucks. The low maintenance, power and energy efficiency of these batteries has seen an increase in usage within the intralogistics sector.

Well known for their intelligent and energy efficient lead-acid battery chargers, Fronius has launched a range of chargers to meet the demand of lithium-ion battery users – Fronius SelectION.

With their new range of lithium-ion chargers, the Fronius SelectION range offers a safe, efficient and flexible charging solution that makes plug and play the new standard. Thanks to their intelligent CAN protocol, the Fronius BatteryLink, a seamless and fast communication between the charger and the lithium-ion battery is guaranteed. No additional manual settings are necessary, ensuring a safe and efficient charging process every time.

Forklift fleet owners often have concerns about lithium-ion batteries and their chargers with regards to space, difficulty of use, safety issues and compatibility. Fronius has taken all these concerns into account when developing their new range of chargers.

Fronius SelectION chargers are light-weight and compact to allow for easy integration into a warehouse workflow and space. The chargers are mutlivoltage, allowing one charger to be used for charging voltage classes of 24V-80V. Fronius SelectION chargers use a revolutionised CAN communication protocol, BatteryLink, which automatically detects the baud rate and adapts individually to the lithium-ion battery. An external stop/start function safely disconnects the charger and eradicates the risk of sparking.

For full transparency of your charging infrastructure, Fronius SelectION is compatible with Fronius’ cloud-based software solution, Charge & Connect. With Charge & Connect, forklift fleet owners can see the availability of the chargers, connected batteries, the battery status and the power consumption at a glance so users can detect any errors and derive measures to reduce costs and improve the performance of their charger infrastructure.

All these features, coupled with Fronius’ high-quality standards and smart engineering, work together to reduce energy consumption and increase the return on investment with every charge.

For more information about Fronius SelectION chargers and to see how you can operate a more sustainable forklift fleet, contact the team on +44(0)1908 512 300, email charger-sales-uk@fronius.com or visit www.fronius.co.uk

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