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How You Can Improve Employee Satisfaction In 2023


The start of the year is always going to be a tough time when it comes to getting your employees in gear. Everyone struggles before the spring come around, with shorter days and worse weather, and so many people carrying left-over lurgy from the holidays. But business owners know that there is no time to lose. Things are tough for every company out there at the moment, and owners need to ensure that their team is firing on all cylinders. Here are a few tips to help you get them to where they need to be.

Encourage Them To Stick To Work Hours

When your business is fighting against the clock at all times, it can be tempting to encourage your employees to go above and beyond. But we have all learned a lot about burn-out over the last couple of years, and one of the quickest ways that you can drive your team (and yourself) to that point is by blurring the lines between office hours and home time. If your employees are struggling to get their work done before clocking off, think about what you can do to support them. Be firm on your employee signing out on time and ask about whether they feel like they are being pressured to keep working after they do so.

Look For Ways That You Can Help Them To Develop

If you want your team to feel motivated, why not think about what you can do to help them to boost their skillset and keep learning? This is particularly important for any UK companies that are wondering about how they are going to deal with the ongoing skills shortage. But it can also be true for any business that is looking to expand with new hires. You are going to need to know that you have employees who are qualified when it comes to fire safety or first aid or with GDPR and cybersecurity if you are continuing to digitise your business. Online training is a great way to help your employees develop the skills they need and to show them that they are valued and part of your company’s future. iHASCO makes online training simple with an easy-to-use platform and accredited training programs.

Improve In-Office Communication

Communication can all too easily get lost when you are snowed under, and if your employees do not feel like they are being kept on the same page or up to date then they will start to feel like they are undervalued. To start with, if you still have a lot of your employees working from home (as a lot of businesses do), think about how you can offer regular updates without feeling like you are breathing over their shoulder. If you have all of your team under one roof, talk to your team leaders about the current communication structures that are in place. Do people know where they need to go if they have an issue or a concern? Does everyone understand what they are working towards, not just when it comes to their to-do lists but the bigger picture too?

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