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IVECO S-WAYs Provide Added Muscle To Modern Mor Cross Fleet

Transporting a wide range of temporary structures to high-profile clients and locations, the two 570 trucks (AS440S57TX/FP) join a pair of IVECO S-WAY 510 models (AS44S51TX/P) that were delivered earlier this year, giving the Mor Cross fleet a new total of 11 vehicles.

The beating heart of these IVECO 570s is a 12.9-lite Cursor 13 engine. Producing 570hp and a mammoth 2,500Nm of torque, these trucks supply the mechanical muscle for the most demanding of missions.

Taking delivery of a used Stralis model proved fortuitous as it actually inspired the purchase of these new IVECO S-WAYs.

Andrew Morley, Mor Cross Transport Director said: “We desperately needed a truck after another marque’s vehicle broke down on us, so we bought a used IVECO Stralis and it has been a really good truck. It led to us ordering the new IVECO S-WAY 510 and now the 570.  Many of our drivers have come from competitor trucks –  keen to get behind the wheel of the IVECO S-WAY –  they’ve all embraced the IVECOs from the start. We are very pleased with them.”

In addition to the power and torque on offer, the latest IVECO S-WAYs are also engineered to reduce fuel consumption. New aerodynamic A-pillars help smooth airflow over the bodywork, a feature that lowers drag and boosts efficiency. An Anti-idling system, Smart Engine Auxiliaries, and integrated GPS driving assistance systems combine to provide operators with a 3% fuel saving.

Regularly visiting Buckingham Palace to set up major events, not to mention providing support for the recent  G7 gathering, these highly polished trucks featuring Dura-Bright wheels and a distinctive livery need to look good as well as provide optimum performance for the driver. In addition, the Premium Style Package adds eye-catching aluminium air tanks and external sun visors, while LED lighting in the grille makes these vehicles stand out both night and day.

Mor Cross Transport drivers enjoy the Driver Comfort Plus Pack that includes door roller blinds, high comfort seats and automatic air conditioning while a premium fridge, 4kW independent heater and bunk curtains complete the spec. Further refinement is to be found in the truck’s front air suspension and an air suspension passenger seat to maximise ride comfort when the Tarmac is less than smooth. The IVECO S-WAY also prioritises driver centricity with strong ergonomics and a focus on safety via ‘peace of mind’ boosting night-time safety locks.

Speaking about the dealership experience, Andrew commented: “We’ve got a good relationship with Acorn Trucks and with a great sales representative called William MacBurnie. He’s always very helpful and knowledgeable. The trucks are maintained by M&M Commercial who are really on the ball and are nice people to deal with.”

Based in Enstone, these trucks are set to cover 100,000km each year with the vehicles covered by IVECO’s Planned Repair & Maintenance Contracts over the next two years. These plans allow operators to choose service levels that are most appropriate for their business. They also deliver peace of mind knowing that these associated costs are fixed.

Gareth Lumsdaine Truck Business Line Director said “Our powerful IVECO S-WAY 570 is the pride of many fleets. It’s great to see Mor Cross Transport add two of these trucks to its growing IVECO fleet.”

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