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Knauf and Nicholls announce 100% renewable fuel deliveries

Marking an ongoing commitment to reducing carbon emissions, Knauf’s haulage partner Nicholls has made the move to full 100% renewable fuel across their fleet of liquified natural gas (LNG) trucks. The move, welcomed by both Knauf and Nicholls, sees the two partners make a significant step towards a more carbon efficient supply chain.

Knauf emissions from deliveries represent roughly 23% of all Scope 3 emissions for the UK business. For Nicholls, the fleet accounts for the major portion of its Scope 1 & 2 emissions.  It is therefore a priority for both organisations to reduce these emissions.

Brian Moran, Logistics Manager at Knauf, undertook the challenge of looking at haulage partners and renewing key contracts. “The first priority was choosing to partner with a haulier who was committed to becoming more renewable.”

“When I met with Nicholls, I was impressed by the fact they had undertaken their green journey themselves without any pressure from customers. They were already on a committed and defined sustainability journey. While we do still use diesel trucks for deliveries where distance and infrastructure for LNG isn’t viable, we are making the move to using more LNG trucks for our deliveries” Brian notes.

Rob Gearing, Head of Commercial and Business Development for Nicholls explains their route to a sustainable business: “Our vision started in 2014, since then we’ve invested heavily into our greener fleet and infrastructure. We’ve built a local refuelling site to accommodate our fleet as well as serving the local area. We’re now up to 29 LNG trucks with more on order. Infrastructure used to be the main barrier but as this grows, so does our fleet.”

Celebrating this achievement and commitment to both sustainability and Nicholls, Knauf unveiled the first of many new liveried trucks highlighting the CO2 savings generated by the LNG trucks.

“We’re extremely proud of the accomplishment by Nicholls and continue to be impressed and inspired by their green journey. With Nicholls bringing more LNG trucks into their fleet, this not only benefits our partnership but the industry and environment as a whole” summarises Brian.

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