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Major investment builds stronger foundations for Naylor Technical Solutions

The leading British building products company Naylor Technical Solutions have doubled production capacity of their innovative permanent formwork product ‘Novoform’ after investing in a wide format shrink-wrapping system from the UK’s flexible wrapping experts, Yorkshire Packaging Systems.

Naylors, headquartered in Barnsley but who manufacture out of a factory in Gainsborough, are a well-renowned manufacturer in the construction, tunnelling, marine and mining industries with pipes, ventilation ducting, bolts, tubing, fans and filters amongst their product portfolio. They are also the name behind Novoform, a strong, flexible, time-saving and cost-effective solution for building projects where piling has been required.

Taking up to 50% less time to install than traditional timber in-ground frameworks, Novoform panels don’t require skilled labour and are also a no-mess, no-waste alternative. Composed of welded steel mesh panels, Novoform components are made-to-measure, with each length prefabricated for each project. This genius product is laid into the ground before concrete is poured into the structure and cured. A shrink-wrapped outer layer adds integrity to each form whilst also acting as a water-porous membrane between the concrete and surrounding backfill without adding significant weight or bulk to the product.

Although Naylors have owned YPS supplied shrink wrappers for this application for many years, the popularity of its proven Novoform solution has been growing rapidly since 2014. In order to meet increased demand, the firm – which supplies construction sites across the UK and Europe – identified that a second system was required and turned once again to YPS as an approved supplier. To meet Naylor’s needs, Yorkshire Packaging Systems supplied their highly specialised heavy-duty ‘Norket’ line, comprised of a 2.7 metre wide inline sleeve sealer and shrink tunnel. So large was the equipment that its dedicated delivery vehicle straddled two lanes and required a motorway escort vehicle throughout its journey!

The purpose-built equipment was upgraded in a number of ways to seamlessly accommodate Naylor’s large mesh panels and to ensure an extra strong seal capable of withstanding the product’s high impact functionality. Using a bespoke ‘pressing’ system at the outfeed of the line, a pair of pneumatic horizontal rollers exert a very high-pressure force on each pack, in order to bond the upper and lower layers of film together tightly between the mesh cross wires. This ensures the utmost strength and integrity of the finished products. In order to tolerate the high pressure and heat of this process, both rollers are custom finished with a hardwearing coating to ensure longevity and durability.

Although Novoform panels are wide, they measure less than 5mm thick, making them especially tricky to detect – at least for a regular shrink-wrapping system. To accommodate these slimline products, YPS upgraded the wide inline sealer to include a specialist product detection system to accurately identify each panel as it enters. Furthermore, UKCA compliant interlocked guarding and fencing was installed around the entire line to guarantee operator safety and an integral hoist system was fitted to support the lower web of shrink film, rolls of which can weigh upwards of 180kgs.

Finally, the YPS shrink tunnel boasts a perfectly balanced (but fully adjustable) airflow that is notoriously hard to achieve with wide competitor equipment. Where most shrink tunnels blow air into the chamber from both ends, the Norket tunnel employs multiple inverter-controlled fan motors at differing positions which are designed to target airflow as required throughout these large units, achieving optimum shrinkage results. For Naylors, this guaranteed a totally even degree of shrinkage across the full breadth of the panels every time. To boot, the Norket shrink oven is extremely well insulated, meaning it runs at more than 40% increased energy efficiency compared to their older existing equipment.

As a result of this install, Naylors have experienced a 54% upturn in production capacity and an improved degree of shrinkage for each Novoform panel, boosting their strength. Chris Simpson, Managing Director of Naylor Technical Solutions remarked “The shrink-wrapping equipment was a major investment for us and one that needs to withstand the test of time, so we couldn’t make any compromises. YPS ticked every box with the Norket range. I’m delighted that we have such a robust dedicated solution for wrapping our industry-leading Novoform.’

Glyn Johnson, YPS Managing Director added ‘We’ve enjoyed a longstanding relationship with Naylors for many, many years and it was a pleasure to work with them again on this project. Their technical building solutions are second to none and so I’m pleased we were able to match their exceptional products with a worthy product from our range too.’

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