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Recruitment Smarts #1081

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Rectec have announced an improvement to their already excellent award winning recruitment technology comparison service. Quick Access significantly improves the speed at which recruitment agencies can access the service. Following a quick and easy registration, this new feature presents you with an asynchronous video screening solution, instantly submitting the details required for Rectec to create the account. Not only does this solution provide near-instant access, but also removes the barriers presented in managing calendar availability across multiple timezones.

Access to the comparison tool, which has previously taken as much as a week to provide, can now be provided in as little as 5-10 minutes. If you are looking for a new CRM register now to find out more.

71f376d7 b020 ec90 a791 64132eff0987 - Aligra.co.ukDon’t forget that our Recruiters Network Social Evening is coming up soon. It’s on 29th June at The Thirsty Scholar from 6 to 8.00pm.

The event is FREE for recruiters AND you get two free drinks!

It will be an excellent opportunity to meet with other professionals operating across all segments of the industry. Anyone working within the recruitment industry is invited to attend; whether a recruiter, researcher, job board, publisher, corporate recruiter or supplier to the industry.

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21312cec baae 4618 b621 ad30486bee82 - Aligra.co.ukHow Can I Save Money on Recruitment?

Largely directed at In House recruiters but with plenty of tips for agencies too. There are several ways employers can save money on recruitment, take a look for some essential guidance on saving money.

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3e9ad87e 6768 abbb 5465 b17539beb341 - Aligra.co.ukShocking Hiring Bias Statistics [2023]: Blind Hiring Facts

The research in this article is US based but still shows the shocking reality of bias, even if it unconscious, in hiring and why blind recruitment is so important for a genuinely fair process.

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c02d557f e9e1 7997 c5d5 9ad091bee886 - Aligra.co.ukThe Importance of Capturing Communications in a CRM System: Best Practices

Knowing how to capture key customer communications in a CRM system is essential. Here are some best practices for effectively capturing customer conversations using your CRM system. From automating certain processes to utilizing integration features.

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27f6d7f5 ec3f 294d 5e0e f8442ede1e0b - Aligra.co.ukWhat Job Candidates Want – New Research Report

iHire conducted a survey of 600 job seekers to highlight candidates’ preferences and practices when searching for work to help employers recruit more efficiently.

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71f376d7 b020 ec90 a791 64132eff0987 - Aligra.co.ukRecruitment Smarts #1080

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