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Recruitment Smarts #1082

RecruitmentSmarts - Aligra.co.uk

This week our partners at recLAW launch their revolutionary recPROTECT service to a select group of early adopters.

Described by Barry Cullen of recLAW as, “like having a lawyer on your team”, the online subscription service gives recruitment business owners the tools to upskill their people and protect their revenues in one easy to use platform, with best in class terms, training, legal support and debt recovery automation.

To enquire about recPROTECT’s “Early Adopters” waiting list, please contact Alex Gage on alex@recprotect.net or Barry Cullen at barry@recprotect.net and find out how recPROTECT is using tech to support recruiters at every stage of their journey, not just when a fee is in dispute.

We chatted with Barry about recPROTECT and the automation of legal services in recruitment during our Recruitment Smarts Live Chat. You can listen to the chat and find out more about recPROTECT in our Recruiter Zone.

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What differentiates the best recruiters when it comes to thriving in challenging times? What strategies are most effective for adapting and pivoting your business during tough economic times? Jovan Pavlicevic from Granite BPO answers these questions and many more.

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Katrina Collier takes her own usual no-nonsense look at hiring managers who seem so intent on self-sabotage.

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Prioritising candidates who are actively searching for jobs and have submitted applications or CV’s may seem logical, but it can result in missing out on some of the most talented and valuable candidates.

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If I’m honest, this is not really something I’d ever thought about before but recruiters who offer help with relocation open themselves up to more candidates from around the world. Find out what you need to know about offering relocation support as a service.

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