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As part of Aligra’s continual improvement and growth plan we are excited to be seeking incredible individuals to join our team!

We’re an award-winning agency of choice for the transport, logistics, automotive and professional & executive sectors. Having recently celebrated our 15 year anniversary, we’re known for providing a fantastic blend of professionalism, passion and commitment.

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Recruitment Smarts #1083

RecruitmentSmarts - Aligra.co.uk

For the first time ever, RecFest, the largest TA event on the planet, is opening its doors to recruitment consultants. There are 100 invites awaiting the first to respond. This unprecedented opportunity allows you to:

  • Engage with leading Talent Acquisition professionals in the UK
  • Solidify existing client relationships and forge new partnerships
  • Engage in insightful industry discussions
  • Experience an electrifying performance by Basement Jaxx

This first-come, first-served offer won’t last long. Claim your spot today on their website by buying a festival ticket here.

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The advent of AI has revolutionised various industries, including recruitment. Bespoke Recruitment looks at whether or not humans will be fully replaced in recruitment, and whether traditional recruitment will be fully superseded.

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Or, “Everything you always wanted to know about recruitment methods *but were afraid to ask.”

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WakeTrackR takes an in-depth look at the current skills shortage, how it came about and what actions recruiters can take to make finding skilled candidates easier.

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It’s no news that social media is essential for connecting with candidates and building your brand. Firefish has researched the trends that are dominating the social media sphere in 2023, so your social recruitment strategy can stay ahead of all your competitors.

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