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We’re an award-winning agency of choice for the transport, logistics, automotive and professional & executive sectors. Having recently celebrated our 15 year anniversary, we’re known for providing a fantastic blend of professionalism, passion and commitment.

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Recruitment Smarts #1085

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Louise and I thoroughly enjoyed the TEAM conference last week. There were loads of fabulous and informative sessions, great networking opportunities and an amazing location! TEAM is the UK’s largest network of independent recruiters recruiting together. We highly recommend that independent agencies check them out.

854c0c9f 9fff 1ee3 24ff d4c9f0b08893 - Aligra.co.ukOur partners at Sonovate have launched a new platform, set to change the way recruitment agencies manage their finances. It gives you the ability to optimise cash flow, allowing you to access funding in multiple currencies and across multiple sectors, with tailored pricing based on the risk profile of the industry being served to allow customers to secure the best possible rates. Find out more.

f4e5509e 064a 45a4 9f1f a8093ba2a833 - Aligra.co.ukWhy Candidate Trust is Crucial to Your Hiring Process

“Developing a long-term relationship with your candidates might actually be the easiest way to optimise your recruitment strategy”. Balancing heavy workloads and demanding KPIs has made it difficult for recruiters to prioritise the human aspect of the recruitment process which has resulted in candidates having a negative view of them. Daxtra share all the hows and whys of building that candidate trust back.

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4c887bc6 f557 d5fc 9b94 704676a6abbd - Aligra.co.uk6 Ways to Create an LGBTQ+ Inclusive Recruitment Process

As proud allies to the LGBTQ+ community and in honour of Pride month, we share this article about how and why to create an inclusive recruitment process.

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17932a44 b517 70fb ba12 103b6565668c - Aligra.co.uk8 Best Recruitment Marketing Strategies to Implement at your Agency

In this day and age, a recruitment marketing strategy doesn’t have to be a hugely expensive monumental task. There are so many ways you can build marketing into your everyday function to significantly increase the likelihood of attracting top talent.

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66695ff9 ba0e 3336 5470 ac03b8972da6 - Aligra.co.ukPosting Ghost Jobs is dangerous: 7 better ways to recruit great talent

“30% of hiring managers admit they have jobs posted for more than four months even though they don’t intend to fulfil them, a Clarify Capital study found”. While some organisations think it is a clever way to build a talent pipeline, HR Morning looks at all the reasons why posting ghost jobs is damaging your brand and reputation.

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