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Sideloader for the Environment

1st June 2023

Logistics BusinessSideloader for the Environment

As a developer of solutions for effective closed-loop recycling, Vecoplan sees itself as a company with a higher purpose. The demand for wood and plastics is increasing worldwide. With waste levels increasing, recycling means much can be returned to production with a high degree of quality.

Vecoplan AG is at the forefront of making that possible. The company develops and manufactures systems for sale worldwide to the wood and waste processing industries. At their headquarter in Bad Marienberg, Germany, imposing machines are built with the aid of the Baumann Rosso EFQ 80L, a 120-volt electric sideloader that runs across a large sloping site that straddles public roads.

“It’s a modern, well ordered, but busy site,” says Richter Fördertechnik’s area sales manager, Thomas Brühl, “and the sideloader is key to moving large items from stores to production, paint shop to dispatch.” Being electric means there is no emissions issues for the truck working inside and out, whilst the excellent power to weight ratio also means it is no slouch on the short journeys up and down the narrow public road.

Waste prevention is one of today’s most pressing tasks and challenges. Careful use of resources, reasonable recycling, environment-driven thinking, and sustainable acting become more important every day. Vecoplan has been tackling these challenges successfully for more than 50 years. Today they are a leading partner of the international wood and recycling industries with numerous branches and selling agencies all over the world.

Vecoplan develops, produces, and sells technologically superior plants and machines for shredding, conveying, and processing primary and secondary raw materials gained in recycling processes. Continuous research and development as well as in-house-production give their customers a competitive edge in technology.

They deliver everything from the single machine to the complete plant, according to their customers’ demand, meeting highest standards of quality and sustainability.

“The opportunity of successfully mastering these challenges together with our customers,” says Vecoplan, “is a source of pride and inspiration.”

Electric Sideloader

Likewise, the electric EFQ range is something Baumann is also immensely proud of. “The short overall length and tight turning circle make this a highly manoeuvrable machine,” says Baumann key accounts manager, Schapour Dadsetan. “The design provides a highly efficient sideloader without sacrificing the mast or well width capabilities, or the clearance and low bed height.”

With the machine critical for specific production tasks, it is also important that it is available when called upon. With less power needed to achieve high levels of performance, running time between charges has been extended. A specially designed intelligent system can also be paired with a charger system to re-energise in mid-shift without damaging the cells and a battery change option. “Runtime is clearly very important for all our customers,” adds Schapour, “and being able to run up to nine hours on a single change, makes this the ideal truck for the job.”

Designed and built from the ground up, the EFQ followed two years of painstaking research and development, and features a completely new chassis, battery, and power train configuration. The operator cabin was also designed from scratch, maintaining the company’s reputation for comfort and uncluttered operability. “It is a great environment for the operator,” says Thomas, “it is comfortable with instinctive controls. Drivers can sometimes get fatigued from the noise and vibration from an engine truck, but the Baumann is quiet and smooth even in busy environments like this.”

Technical support from Richter Fördertechnik also means continuous smooth running of the machine. Richter have been a leading light in Baumann’s European dealer network for decades, maintaining Baumann trucks several customers in the area. The company prides itself on their ability to support all manner of businesses with a large team of technical support staff on the road, round the clock.

“Richter understand customers well and deliver an excellent service” says Schapour. “Our machines need to be well maintained and understanding the needs of the Baumann electrics is something that Richter have great experience in.”

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