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Skoda’s Elroq electric car will bring big volume sales for the brand

Skoda is experiencing a gradual yet steady increase in the demand for electric vehicles (EVs) as it enters a sustained launch phase for full electric and plug-in hybrid models.

In early 2023, Skoda plans to launch the new Kodiak, which will be available as a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) by the end of the second quarter. The PHEV version will offer an electric-only range of approximately 60 miles. Additionally, the next generation Superb, set to debut next year, will also have a PHEV option.

Skoda intends to open order books for the new electric compact SUV, Elroq, by the end of 2024. According to Nick O’Neill, Skoda’s head of direct sales, Elroq is expected to be a high-volume car.

Furthermore, Skoda has plans for the electric Vision 7S, a seven-seater SUV that will commence production in 2026. This will be followed by the introduction of a small electric city car and a BEV (battery electric vehicle) estate car of Octavia size in the subsequent year.

O’Neill told Fleet News and AM group editor Stephen Briers: “By that point, we will have six BEVs, and most of them will be available in the market by 2027.”

He added: “We are content with our current lineup as we operate in various market segments, catering to both fleet and user-chooser customers. We have many high-mileage users who may have reservations about transitioning to BEVs.”

However, Skoda anticipates a significant increase in electric vehicle sales between 2025 and 2026, aiming to achieve 60-70% of total sales from BEVs by 2027. O’Neill emphasized Skoda’s commitment to supporting customers through this transitional period.

In the true fleet market, Skoda currently holds the sixth position. With a strong start to the year, the brand is targeting a 5% market share for this year, which would be a new record, as it currently stands at 5.2%.

“This year’s focus is on fulfilling orders in our backlog, encouraging customers to adopt a regular change cycle, and assisting them in preparing for the transition to electric vehicles,” O’Neill concluded.

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