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Telescopic Lip Dock Leveller

2nd June 2023

Logistics BusinessTelescopic Lip Dock Leveller

The continuing growth of e-commerce and last-mile deliveries within the UK logistics sector results in distributors and operators looking for even greater flexibility and speed when loading/unloading all types of fleet vehicles. The innovative HTLV4 dock leveller from Hörmann UK can provide a safe and adaptable solution with its unique 3-part telescopic lip making it suitable for all vehicles sizes including euro-trailers, through to transit vans.

Removing the need for separate loading bays with different ramp heights to accommodate either lorries or vans, the HTLV4 dock leveller is a cost effective and space saving solution. Designed with a three-piece telescopic lip and variable weight compensation the HTLV4 can operate either across its full telescopic lip as a conventional dock leveller or with the extension of only the middle section to accommodate smaller vehicles and transit vans. The dock leveller has a self-supporting articulated design and is manufactured in accordance with EN 1398. It is available in three standard widths and four standard lengths making it suitable for the majority of operational conditions.

For the loading and unloading of vans the HTLV4 has been manufactured with a patented, intelligent hydraulic system. Two hydraulic cylinders allow the dock leveller to follow the movement of the loading surface of the vehicle, reducing the transference of weight from the leveller onto the back of the van. This, combined with the positive positioning of the leveller at every point of the loading operation, results in a safer working environment for loading operatives, protects the vehicle from harsh loading forces and prevents overloading of the leveller.

For lorries the HTLV4 operates across its whole telescopic width without any compromise in performance and safety when compared to a standard dock leveller. Fully extended the HTLV4 provides an impressive maximum rated load of 60kN and when the leveller is operating with just the middle section extended for smaller vehicles, a maximum load of 20kN can be accommodated.

Industrial Division Manager for Hörmann, Phil Thorpe comments, “At Hörmann our aim is to provide a loading solution suitable for every situation and environment, and to find ways to help streamline processes for more efficient workflows. The HTLV4 dock leveller is an update to our successful HTVL3 model and just another example of how we have used our expertise to create an innovative solution to what is a growing issue within the logistics sector. Whilst there are other products on the market that facilitate the loading and unloading of different sized vehicles, Hörmann is the only manufacturer to offer a product that has been designed specifically for this purpose.

Not only does the HTLV4 continue to offer maximum flexibility, but it also ensures that operators can extend their loading capacity in terms of performance, whilst not compromising the safety of their workforce.“

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