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Volvo presents electric trucks with longer range

09:00 Tue 20th Jun 2023 |

Volvo presents electric trucks with longer range - Aligra.co.uk

Volvo Trucks is now introducing new, more powerful batteries for its medium-duty electric trucks, capable of delivering an increased range of up to 450 km and making it possible to electrify even more city transport assignments.

Thanks to more powerful batteries in Volvo’s medium-duty truck range, the Volvo FL and Volvo FE Electric, it is now possible to speed up the transition to quieter and cleaner city transports. The new batteries offer 42% extra energy capacity and can as a result deliver up to 450 km total range from one charge.

This means that the trucks can handle most types of routes and assignments in urban areas, as well as providing power for equipment for energy-consuming assignments like refuse handling or city construction. The extra energy can also be used for city driving tasks in long shifts without requiring a recharge. As a result of the improved batteries, the Volvo FL Electric now has a range of up to 450 km, while Volvo FE Electric has a range of up to 275 km.

“With a range of up to 450 km, our electric trucks are ready to replace our customers’ entire fleet of diesel city trucks. Volvo FL and FE Electric produce minimal emissions and noise which benefits the climate, the driver and everyone that lives and moves about in the city,” says Jessica Sandström, SVP Product Management at Volvo Trucks.

The higher capacity means that fewer batteries are needed for the same power available today. If customers’ assignments require shorter ranges, they can therefore increase their payload by using fewer batteries – with a payload increase of 500kg for every battery not carried.

“For some customers it’s more important to get extra payload, rather than maximizing the range. We work closely with our customers in choosing the best solution,” says Jessica Sandström.

By replacing a Volvo FL or Volvo FE diesel truck with an electric version using green electricity on a typical route, approximately 30 tons of CO2 could be saved every year.*

The updated Volvo FL and FE Electric are available to order now, for delivery in the autumn of 2023.

Since Volvo Trucks started producing fully electric trucks in 2019, the company has sold nearly 5,000 electric trucks in 40 countries around the world. The company’s target is that half of its global total truck sales will be electric by 2030.  


Volvo FL Electric

Driveline: up to 180 kW

Drive unit: 1 electric motor

Battery: 280-565 kWh, 3-6 batteries

Range: Up to 450 km (distribution) without electro-mechanical PTO, 6 batteries

Up to 280 km (distribution) without electro-mechanical PTO, 3 batteries 

Volvo FE Electric

Driveline: up to 225 kW

Drive unit: 2 electric motors

Battery: 280-375 kWh, 3-4 batteries

Range: Up to 275 km (distribution) without electro-mechanical PTO, 4 batteries

Up to 200 km (refuse handling) with electro-mechanical PTO, 4 batteries

*The CO2 saving is based on calculation using the Volvo Environmental Footprint Calculator (comparing urban usage with an annual mileage of 50,000km and assuming the diesel comparator uses 7% biodiesel and achieves an average of 21l/100km. Total weight of Volvo FE Electric is 27 tonnes and Volvo FL Electric 16,7tonnes).

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