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Zero emissions meet maximum load: IVECO goes electric with the new eDAILY

IVECO unveiled today the brand-new zero-emission eDAILY at the IAA Transportation 2022 Trade Fair in Hanover.

Conceived to be the ‘electric twin’ of the iconic Daily, eDAILY covers all LCV applications – including heavy-duty missions and conversions. This is a unique proposition in a market where both supply and demand are still focused on urban deliveries. eDAILY expanding the area of potential interest for electric will represent a fundamental contribution to the decarbonisation of transport.

Alessandro Massimino, Head of Marketing and Product Management, IVECO Truck Business Unit, said:

“Electric means the future, and we want to make electrification accessible to all our Customers. As a key element of IVECO’s product development strategy and transition roadmap, we designed eDAILY with the objective of making its whole range electric while maintaining the features that our vehicle is celebrated for: robustness, reliability, versatility, load capacity and performance. With its broad line-up, fully modular battery set and adaptability to a wide range of conversions and applications, the new eDAILY brings electric to new missions and Customers.”

The new eDAILY comes with an updated IVECO logo with lighter, more agile and more dynamic lettering founded on the Brand’s heritage and boosted by innovation.

eDAILY can be already ordered across Europe, with deliveries starting from the beginning of next year.

A dedicated website enables customers to navigate the many features tailored for eDAILY owners, including an eMission Simulator – also available in stores and on the IVECO ON mobile app – to configurate the solution that best suits their mission.

The entire Daily line-up is now also available in zero-emission version, aligned with the evolution of mobility and compliant with the new access rules of many metropolitan areas. eDAILY is the best van in town: the only electric LCV to offer up to 20m3 cargo volume, up to 4.6t payload and up to 3.5t towing ability.

Performance is in line with the ICE version: 140kW (190CV) max power, 400Nm max torque and up to 120km/h maximum speed. Driveability is improved by the instant torque delivery of the eMotor. When extra-power is needed, drivers can take advantage of an additional boost by activating eDAILY’s distinctiveHi-Power function. Energy use can be optimised thanks to the Driving Mode Selector – which allows either to extract maximum power or minimise power absorption. eDAILY’s One-Pedal Drive mode makes driving easier and converts brake kinetic energy into electricity, thus reducing energy consumption and brake pads wear.

eDAILY offers as much range as necessary: modular battery installation allows customers to choose the level of range autonomy that best suits their mission. The configuration can be upgraded throughout the vehicle’s life.

eDAILY is fully connected and enables the optimisation of range, drivability and uptime – as well as remote control of charging operations and internal climate. Pre-conditioning brings the vehicle to the ideal cabin temperature while it is still connected to the charging socket. Proven reliability and electric-specific solutions allow extremely competitive operational costs, with significant reduction in maintenance and repair expenditure versus Diesel.

eDAILY is offered in van, cab, crew cab, chassis cowl and minibus body variants from 3.5 to 7.2 GVW, in singlewheel and twin-wheel versions, with a broad range of height and wheelbase options. All technology and comfort features of the standard Daily are available on the electric model, including the AIR-PRO intelligent pneumatic suspension. eDAILY is the only electric LCV to offer alternative rear axle ratioson the 50C (3.6 or 4.44) and 72C versions (4.3 or 5.13) to emphasise either performance or efficiency.

eDAILY offers natural and intuitive eMobility ensuring maximum energy efficiency and perfect execution of any task. No mission is beyond eDAILY’s reach. The electric system was successfully tested under extreme conditions, from 30°C (-22°F) to +50°C (+122°F). Uphill starts are guaranteed up to 30% gradients.

Same ultra-strong chassis as usual, no parts protruding from the upper frame and digital and analogic interfaces (as the CAN BUS 2.0B) make eDAILY the most versatile and complete EV base for conversions. A range of ePTOs up to 15kW is available to power refrigeration, cranes and other superstructures, even the most demanding ones such as waste collection and aerial platform, as showcased on the stand. Grid energy can be used to power the equipment when the vehicle is connected to a charger or socket. Power supply from the main batteries makes it possible to use the ePTOs even when the eMotor is off.

eDAILY can be equipped with 1, 2 or 3 batteries. The FPT Industrial / Microvast 37kWh modular battery packs account top-level energy density (265Wh/kg at cell level) and best-in-class usable energy at 95%. They are protected by 8-year and up to 250,000km battery warranty including replacement when capacity drops below 80%.

eDAILY recharges from public chargers, industrial sockets and domestic sockets. Charging options include fast charging at 80kW, which adds up to 100km of range in just 30 minutes. Charging can be fully managed via the dedicated app. The eDAILY front charging port is easily accessible no matter what direction the cable is coming from. Behind the sliding flap which protects the plug from water and dust, an LED indicator shows the status and level of charge at a glance.

eDAILY is always connected to enhance customer productivity and driver well-being: the connectivity box enables realtime data exchange and provides access to all IVECO Services. eDAILY customers can access the connectivityenabled services through the IVECO ON portal with its new data management and web-API functions, without needing to modify their mission profile, work cycle or operational patterns.

The on-board software is regularly and seamlessly updated over the air. Real-time data generated by the vehicle is monitored remotely by the IVECO Control Room. Proactive and predictive diagnostics prevent unplanned stops and allow the timely scheduling of maintenance.

The eDAILY Routing app interacts with the vehicle to predict the vehicle’s range, the required charges to reach the destination, and the exact time of arrival. Range assurance alerts proactively inform the Fleet Manager when the battery’s remaining charge of the battery is getting close to the limit, or in case of charging issues. Driving and regenerative modes can be pre-set by the Fleet Manager in order to optimise energy use.

Energy usage monitoring calculates power absorption moment by moment (taking into account ePTOs) and provides detailed reports on energy used vs distance travelled. Intelligent charging control enables users to schedule e-charging when it’s most convenient. Dedicated e-services include the IVECO ON Easy Daily app with new features dedicated to the brand’s electric vehicles, such as Driving Style Evaluation for Energy, recharge and preconditioning remote programming, extended dashboard with vehicle parameters, in addition to all features currently available for the Daily.

The IVECO DRIVER PAL vocal assistant, which can be activated directly from the IVECO ON Easy Daily app, offers electric-specific information including vehicle health check and battery level. Climate control and navigation to the nearest e-charging station can also be activated via voice command.

eDAILY’s eServices come into play even before purchase: IVECO is able to advise on the vehicle and charging configuration that best suits the customer’s needs. IVECO has partnerships in place with leading European energy companies for the design, supply, installation and service of customised charging solutions, also including (on request) favourable energy contracts. This allows customers to minimise their initial investment and their energy expenses during operation.

IVECO launches with eDAILY an innovative business model: Green & Advanced Transport Ecosystem (GATE), an all-inclusive long-term rental model for electric vehicles that will open the doors to zero-emission mobility to a large number of new customers. The GATE proposition also includes an exclusive and innovative EV-dedicated “payper-use” formula.

At IAA Hanover 2022, IVECO is also presenting a preview of two limited editions that take inspiration from two iconic OM products of the 50s and 60s, Tigrotto and Leoncino: a unique combination of past and future that will soon be on sale dedicate to most demanding customers. The Leoncino is a vintage interpretation of the new eDAILY, while the Tigrotto is a variant of the 4×4 Daily.

IVECO has also co-developed new fluids for the new eDAILY with PETRONAS Lubricants International (PLI) with the common goal to maximize performance. PETRONAS Iona Integra Plus has been developed for the e-Transfer box to reduce churning losses while ensuring durability of the system that is comparable to higher viscosities standard fluids, meeting safety requirements and ensuring excellent oxidation properties even in the case of high temperatures. The eDAILY will also be using the PETRONAS Tutela Axle 900 HD, a 75-W85 axle oil that has been developed for the whole range of IVECO axles, including light and heavy-duty vehicles to maximise efficiency and meet the latest regulations requirements.

A broad spectrum of eDAILY applications highlights the versatility of the new model and how operators needn’t compromise when making the step to an electric vehicle: eDAILY can be tailored to suit the most exacting missions.

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